Many people have lack of information about blue pottery. Following is the some most important information that is helpful to those who want to know "what is blue pottery" and for those who are quite hesitant to buy these hand made products because of their own developed thoughts regarding quality and usage.
Blue Pottery of Multan
1) What is Blue Pottery?
Blue Pottery is widely recognized a traditional handicraft. Its origin is China and Persia. In Pakistan, Multan is the most famous area for Blue Pottery ceramics. All Blue Pottery is hand crafted and material which is used to make pottery is ceramics, white and red clay.
2) Are Blue Pottery Ceramics dishwasher, refrigerator and microwave safe?
Yes. All Blue Pottery Ceramics are dishwasher, refrigerator, microwave and oven safe.
3) What is the life of blue pottery and ceramic tiles?
Life of blue pottery is 1000 years. just need to take care while using and washing.
4)What is the quality of the blue pottery products?
Quality of Multani blue pottery products maintain through out the life of the product (1000 year). There is no colour faint.
5) What can be maximum categories of blue pottery products for use?
Sample of Blue Pottery Tiles (Building Material)
There are so many categories of blue pottery products. it is usually categorized in kitchen, home decor, garden accessories , drawing room accessories , wash room accessories and building material. Blue Pottery building material (tiles life is also 1000 years; according to Ustad Aalam ; "Blue Pottery expert of Multan".
6) Why Multani pottery is familiar with the name of “Blue Pottery” only? Is there any other colors exist in this pottery?
Different colors in blue pottery
In the beginning time of handicrafts (when Persian and Chinese came in subcontinent in the era of Muhammad bin Qasim ) this art had many colours. After that Blue and white colour specified by the gurus of clay pottery Multan due to the hot atmosphere of Multan . Blue colour is the colour of nature that increase the coolness of mind and heart, white colour gives the calmness to eyes.That is a perfect combination according to the Multani atmosphere. BUT now these days artisans have improved their work and blue pottery ceramics are available in some other colours too. these colours are red, yellow, mustered, green, golden and shades of blue.