bakingThe Baking revolution and Organic, GMO Free Baking Kits and mixes

Currently there is a tremendous popularity of reality TV programs, where "everyday peoples skills are put to the test each week, in Gardening, Pottery, Painting, Cooking etc. even hairdressing. These programmes are huge in the UK where I live, but I know they also have similar versions of similar things in many other countries. I used to think it was just cheap Television, but now I realise that it is entertaining and captivating and we all look forward to the knockout stages each week and follow our favourites. One such huge success in the UK is The Great British Bake off. This attracts the biggest number of viewers than any other TV programme. Each week budding bakers compete in making bread, buns, cakes, cookies, pies and huge complex patisserie artworks for their showcase challenge. Baking has always been popular the world over, but has really taken off again over here. It is now moving from the non-commercial BBC to a commercial channel, presumably where the cost of an advertisement during the shows breaks will cost and raise a fortune in revenue.

Following the success of the Bake off, we now find there are many baked products and also baking products available.

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One such company, based in the US, is Foodstirs. Their founders, Galit Laibow and Sarah Michelle Gellar, have created organic, GMO-free baking kits and quick mixes, which contain no artificial preservatives, dyes, flavors or other additives. These are designed to be used by children and adults. The products, kits and mixes include Cookies, Pancakes, Brownies, Cakes and Cupcakes etc. These are available to buy as and when required or can be delivered monthly as part of an agreed subscription plan. There are also cooking utensils and other kitchen / baking related ware on the website.

Foodstirs ethically source ingredients including Equal Exchange Chocolate from Madagascar, soft white winter wheat stems from Colorado and biodynamic sugar from a small, family-owned plantation in Paraguay.  We do not hear too much about Biodynamic sugar. This is an unrefined sugar made from organic cane juice that is evaporated and crystallized on the first day that it is harvested. It is recognized as the most sustainable sugar on the market.  Foodstirs is the only baking mix company to incorporate biodynamic sugar in their products.

All mixes are certified organic and GMO free. All mixes are certified OU Kosher

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