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In the Cosmetic industry in days gone by, a great deal of animals, were subjected to long periods of intensive, dangerous, trials and treatments to help to assess the various risks and effects of additives and ingredients to our skin and cosmetics products. There are various published authentic reports that can be read online of the horrors, misery and suffering of animals as a result of some of this testing.

Thankfully fewer companies now conduct animal testing, which to most people is cruel and that’s an end to it, with no more further thought required on the matter. I share that view. But even if you do not hold the view about cruelty, please be aware of the following facts as to why this type of testing is totally unnecessary. In fact it's a waste of time. The reason is this. Animal testing of any kind contradicts the power that exists in the use of all-natural, unadulterated, organic ingredients, extracted from plants and minerals, that we use to create bio-compatible formulations. If we develop and formulate cosmetics from these all natural ingredients to begin with, then why would we ever need to test them on animals at all? It would be pointless. 

So to begin with, we surely need the vegan approach, which then naturally leads to non animal tested, cruelty free products.

Vegan Cosmetics
True Vegan Cosmetic products do not contain any ingredients sourced from animals, as simple as that. Not even honey, gelatin, beeswax, collagen, or keratin. So if you are a vegan in your everyday life with your food intake, you would not want anything else but Vegan cosmetics on your skin. But even if you do not have a Vegan diet, you may still be absolutely opposed to any type of cruelty to animals and may shun any products that may contain or have been tested on animals. So you might choose vegan make up or other cosmetic products and assume your choice is therefore in keeping with that commitment and principle, or is it...

Understanding the meaning of the vegan classification fully
This is interesting, possibly alarming and maybe an eye opener to some. 
A product may qualify for vegan status, but may still be tested on animals... 
If products do not contain animal products, these unfortunately could still classify as Vegan. Conversely, many products may contain animal ingredients, but are not tested on animals. Whilst these could not be called Vegan, they could be claimed in absolute honesty to be not tested on animals.

So how do we ensure that the cosmetics we you use are totally animal friendly? 
We read the product labels and ensure that both points are visible and compliant: 
They are Vegan - They contain no animal products and They are Cruelty free - They have not been tested on animals.

leaping bunny


I thought that the word Vegan would cover it all but it doesn't
Always look for the leaping bunny logo in addition to any vegan reference.


The Leaping Bunny is a program run by Cruelty Free International and is the only worldwide recognised certification for cosmetics, personal care and household product brands which gives a guarantee to the consumer that they are not tested on animals. CFI audit the entire supply-chain monitoring system of the member companies to ensure that all strict criteria is met.

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