Himalayan salt air pipe inhalers & the effects on my asthma

sowell salt pipes

I thought I would mention Himalayan Salt pipes as they are now widely available in many shops and online stores, are considered safe to use for adults & children and may have some health benefits, as I have personally found.

They work by by placing your mouth over the top three holes as in the picture on the left and simply breathing in. No batteries required, this is a green activity. This then draws air in from the base of the pipe and in to your lungs. In the course of its travel, this air is drawn though a type of salt that is contained in the body of the pipe.
This salt then acts as a kind of filtration system. The detoxifying effects of the natural salt crystals are thought to help with the bodies absorption of oxygen. After regular daily usage, many users claim to have found an improvement in their general health, including those with respiratory problems.

This is one area that I can speak about with good experience. I suffer badly with Asthma (well what I consider badly, who knows how others cope) I have been using this pipe nightly for around 10 to 15 minutes. (15 minutes a day is a recommended minimum. Longer may be better, it is all new territory.) Over a 3 month period, with admittedly forgetting the odd night, the pipe use seems to have helped my condition. By that I mean I am not using my blue attack spray as often and my green long term spray has been reduced from 2 applications to just one at night. I am still using my brown steroid spray, I will try to reduce this also to one spray at night and see how things go. I am not convinced that anything will cure asthma at present, maybe one day there will be a cure. Let's be clear about this, I use my salt pipe alongside my asthma medication, not instead of it.

But there is another thing to consider. Is it the salt that is therapeutic or is it the act of a good 15 minute breathing exercise regime every day that is helping me? Or a combination of the two? Either way, something is working. But all I do know is the pipe does seems to help me. Even if the effect was far less than it is, I would still use it daily, as I like anything natural that takes the place of, or even just reduces slightly the amount of regular drugs and chemicals in the body. 

In addition to their alleviation of asthma, Salt pipes may also prove effective against certain allergies, bronchitis, sinus inflammations, coughs & colds. Studies continue, but I have no further information at present, If I get any updates I will post them here.

The pipes usually come delivered with a supply of salt already inside, ready for use. The salt lasts for up to 3 years, depending on frequency of use and refills are low cost and readily available. The salt used is actually from the Punjab region of Pakistan, close to the Himalayan mountains. This is where most salt for these types of inhaler pipes originates. It is considered an abundant resource.

I also use a Salt lamp which may be giving additional benefits to my Asthma, by improved air quality through their emmission of negatively charged ions. (Read the article about Himalayan Salt Lamps here)

Please note, that whatever I say is purely based on my own expererience. Asthma, as sufferers will know, can be deadly, so please dont take any risks or stop taking your prescribed inhalers or other medication withought talking to your doctor first.

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