Some facts about Organic certified Children & Baby clothes

baby mother articleSome facts about Organic G.O.T.S certified Children & Baby clothes

I found something out today. A baby’s skin is not only more porous. but also thinner and less oily than an adults. This means that their skin can absorb things more easily than an adults. This means good and bad things. This is yet another worry on top of all the other worries that we have for our children in this aggressive world. We already know that babies skin is much easier to burn in the sun, is less resistant to bacteria and harmful substances. All in all, babies are not off to a very good start in life, before they even begin to get mobile themselves. Another risk they face as they grow, is through toxins from contaminated food and water, and household pesticides, ironically used to prevent harm from "pests", which we inadvertently place on their skin when we dress them with clean clothes.

One way to pro-actively reduce the risk of toxins to your child is with the use of Organic clothing. The use of organically farmed cotton means that Zero pesticides or herbicides are used in the crop growth and production. We are talking about powerful chemicals that may kill the bugs on the crops, but which can also do untold harm to the human skin, especially that of a child, worst of all a baby. There are many more ways to produce healthy crops that do not require chemical control or input. As a result of using different weeding techniques, natural soil dressings and beneficial insects, both crops and the soil are hugely improved. This also means that the surrounding water quality naturally improves and therefore the health and wellbeing of the crop workers, and then the garment workers, and of course, the garment wearers, you and your children.

gots organic logoTo be assured that your Childs clothing is actually made from Organic cotton or other material, always read the labels and ideally try to make sure that the material is G.O.T.S. or Global Organic Textile Standard certified. This means that anyone holding this certification, must only use textile products that contain a minimum of 95% organic fibers. Addtionally, all Chemicals, including inks and dyes that may need to be essentially used in the manufacturing process, must meet basic toxicity and biodegradability requirements. The GOTS program also ensures that no Heavy metals, formaldehyde, nickel, or PVC are used in the manufacturing process.



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