Vegan and Cruelty Free Handbags & Bags - you can have both

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If you already follow a vegan lifestyle, with your food choice and other areas of your life, you will also be looking for vegan options in your fashion choice. The good news is that nowadays, things are changing rapidly with materials technology. This means that you no longer have to compromise your Vegan principles when you desire a high quality, high fashion Handbag.

Vegan hand bags (also tote bag, purses and holdalls), i.e. that are not made from any animal materials whatsoever, are now becoming extremely popular. This means no leather, fur, wool, silk or even keratin, collagen or beeswax is used in their construction. In addition the substitute choice of the materials used, that makes the bags vegan, is now much more advanced than days gone by. In the past, non-recyclable PVCs may well have been used. Nowadays many bag manufacturers are choosing re-purposed or recyclable, non-petroleum based substitute materials, which then have the added bonus of also making the resulting Vegan bags become "green".

Material substitutes can be either made to look like the animal products that they are replacing or can be a modern standalone new look. There are some superb faux suede and faux leather materials available and even synthetic alligator and crocodile skin that are grained and textured and extremely lifelike.

The choice for materials may often depend on why a person became vegan in the first place. Many vegans may not wish to wear or carry anything around anything that imitates an animal product on their person. On the other hand there are vegans who will applaud and welcome the opportunity for the authentic look while maintaining their animal respect and values. (A bit like some vegetarians who want the non-meat alternative to taste as much like meat as possible, or the ones that do not want to eat anything that even remotely resembles meat.)

animal cruelty articleFinally, to the subject of animal testing and cruelty, which may be a surprise to some.
Did you know that a product may have vegan status, but may still be tested on animals...

The reason for this is that, as long as products do not contain animal products, they could meet the Vegan criteria for certification. ( In fact the other side of the coin is that there are many non-vegan products out there that contain animal ingredients, that are truly certified not tested on animals.)

So how do we ensure that Vegan Handbags are totally animal friendly? Make sure you read the product labels and ensure that both points are clearly visible: i.e. they are Vegan and they are Cruelty free.

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