We are especiailly pleased to feature ten thousand villages on Creamjug. This is truly what Fair trade is all about.

ten thousand villages logoTen Thousand Villages has become more than just a web presence. It now represents a fair trade global village, connecting with Artisans from communities throughout the developing world, and that yet to develop. Ten Thousand villages started out as a Pioneer of the Fair Trade movement, over 70 years ago, in 1946. There was and still is their belief that market based solutions can end the cycle of poverty. Since then it has enabled over 140 million USD to be earned through sustainable means, by Artisans, who otherwise may have had, let's say, possibly less income and opportunity.

The company is purely a non-profit enterprise, setup to partner and help independent artisans and those leading other groups of Artisans and workers, helping them to create, promote and thrive by fairly trading their handcrafted work.

Every purchase made improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income.

This includes feeding the family, enabling a healthy lifestyle, educating the kids and keeping a secure roof over their heads.

b greenTen Thousand villages trades directly with the Artisans, with mutually agreed terms and pricing.

b greenUp front payments are made to help the cashflow and ensure that the creation process remains unhindered.

b greenThe trading relationships is long and strong, giving the artisans peace of mind for their future.

b greenRegular checks are made to ensure health and safety working methods are never compromised.

b greenChild labor is strictly prohibited - Kids need to be in school, not working. In fact, the fair Trade process actually helps to fund the children's education, thus keeping them out of the workplace.

b greenModern trends and fresh designs are all important, some people will not just buy something because it is fair trade. Ten thousand villages, work closely with Artisans to help create new ideas that not only look and feel good, but also do not compromise any traditional skills that have been practised for centuries by their ancestors.

b greenCareful use of the earth's resources, though recycled and renewable natural materials, is a key part of the Fair Trade process, along with sustainable, clean, ethical environmental practices, which are adopted by all the Artisans.

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