green teaGreen tea - Eat it, Drink it - or do both ...

Many of us believe that Green tea has various positive health giving properties, especially the fact that it is high in antioxidants and can help to prevent certain diseases.

But there are now other new studies that claim three other possibillities. Apparently, Green tea may have anti-bacterial properties, may help to promote normal bone density and may also help to achieve normal cholesterol balance in our bodies.

The effects of all of the above properties are claimed to be improved many times over by eating the whole leaves, rather than brewing and drinking. For example the raw leaf has 100 times more antioxidants than the brewed version, which may applay to the other claimed benefits. I guess this is a similar issue that we come accross when we overboil some vegetables rather than lightly steaming them. We lose some of the nutrients.

I dont think we can ever consume too much tea, whichever way you like it. I have a daily Green tea tablet to try to get more antioxidants, and guess what I use to help me swallow it - A cup of Green tea...

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There is also a link on the above page where you can get this free cook book purely containing various Green tea recipes.