The Alkaline diet - How it may improve your health

alkaline diet

The alkaline diet is basically a way of replacing acid type biased foods with alkaline type foods, with the aim of improving your health in various ways, that are still emerging as studies encouragingly continue.

So what is the Alkaline diet about?
Most people usually tend to eat a larger amount of acid type foods such as alcohol, coffee, meat, dairy, fish etc, giving a disproportionate level of acidity to our bodies natural pH.

Alkaline foods consist of 
Plant proteins, various beans, chlorophyl type leafy green drinks, almonds and pretty much all raw foods. So there is now a growing school of thought that we should eat more alkaline foods with the aim of re-balancing the bodies pH level.

Why do this? There is no conclusive proof, but some people do claim that a balanced pH has health benefits which include 
bone health and possibly help prevent cancers. We do need further scientific evidence and hopefully research will continue here, as this would be a huge thing indeed.

Once thing that does seem to have merit however, is that the due to having 100% non-processed foods, the "alkaline diet" encourages an improvement in balanced eating habits. This makes it much easier for us to avoid the craving of sugars, and therefore is a valuable tool in our weight loss goal. Sugar is always the enemy when we want to lose the pounds.

Also this diet is naturally low in salt, and therefore has the added bonus of helping us to achieve healthy and safe blood pressure and cholestrol levels. Further studies are also being done to see if this diet can help to prevent and relieve body pain, amnesia and even improve kidney health.

The alkaline diet offers many possibilities, with various new recipes. There is also a great new selection of shakes and smoothies etc that can easily be made and experimented with at home for very low cost.

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