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Pukka Teas produce a wide range of organic Teas and food supplements

Most of us may already know the meaning of the word Pukka. It is a Hindi word for authentic or genuine. Pukka Teas are available in various varieties, including Blackcurrant, Vanilla, manuka Honey, Fennel, Ginger, Mint Liquorice, Chamomile and many more, all produced from natural organic herbs and fruit.

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Dairy Free
Dairy free

Pukka Teas do not contain any dairy products.

Organic Certified

Pukka Teas are produced to recognised organic standards.

GMO free

Pukka Teas are free from Genetically Modified Organisms.


Pukka Teas are suitable for vegetarians.

Soy Free
Soy free

Pukka Teas do not contain any traces of Soy